Tuesday, November 04, 2008

All you need is a hell of a lot of money

We're alerted by an email from Gary W to Bloomingdales and the enormous store of Beatles-related tat - including this, a Beatles-branded iPod. Of course, with The Beatles still not yet available on iTunes, in order to get the band's music onto your iPod, you'll need to rip them from CD, so the set comes with the back catalogue on disc.

Of course, you're - strictly speaking - not legally allowed to rip from a CD you own to an mp3 player (that, at least, is what RIAA have told courts while under oath, and the RIAA wouldn't lie). So, for your eight hundred bucks- yes, eight hundred bucks - you would have to play the records on your CD player while pretending to listen to them on your iPod. It's just like the real thing, only without upsetting Yoko Ono.