Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Best of the Beatles

Pete Best would have loved to have been part of the opening night of Liverpool's Capital Of Culture year, but he was busy:

“I’d like to have gone to the launch – it was a great night for the city – but we were touring in America,” says Pete, 66, of Ringo’s on the roof gig in January. “I’ll admit I was torn when the booking came in. I knew something big would be happening in Liverpool at the start of 2008, but you can’t turn down work, can you?

“As it turned out, they asked me to be involved, but I couldn’t do it. Not because of Ringo. As I said, I wasn’t available.”

And you know what? When McCartney played Anfield, they wanted old Besty there but... would you believe it? Diary clash:
“Yes, we were contacted, but again, we were touring,” says Pete. “I’d like to have done it."

Still, Pete Best isn't worried about the past. What's important is the future:
It’s important the city’s culture moves on

And Pete is helping to do that by, erm, reopening the Casbah Club and releasing a record, Haymans Green, detailing his time as a member of The Beatles.

[Thanks to James M for the link]