Saturday, May 09, 2009

Bangles back again

The Bangles never quite stopped going - they slowed and deposited members, but never quite stopped. But even so, it's been six years since there was a new studio album. The wait though - let's say we've been waiting - is almost over, as Susanna Hoff is writing new Bangles stuff. And kind-of claiming to have invented alt rock:

"It's kind of funny because having been in the band that's thought of as an '80s band, all four of us were so into '60s music that we really didn't relate to the '80s -- even in the '80s," Hoffs says. "The other thing that continually surprises me is how many people love the '80s. It's really surprising to me. I realize there is something to be said for music that's fun. Even in its lightheartedness or its silliness, I think the '80s was the birth of indie rock, which is a really cool aspect.

Can you really excuse an entire decade because you can loosely find the roots of something once credible there? I'm not so sure.