Thursday, August 06, 2009

Michael Jackson name to be stuck on shitty old tat; sold big

At the record company meeting, on their hands - at last! - a dead star
But, Mr. Morrissey, it's not just the record companies who adore a corpse. It's everyone who scrambles to peel off the dead guy's face and stick on things.

Now Michael Jackson is dead, the estate is planning to brand the arse out of him. MTV reports:

A wide-ranging deal with merchandising powerhouse Bravado highlights plans to produce a wide variety of Jackson-related memorabilia, from photo books and trading cards to lithographs, buttons, live recordings on USB drives, online games and denim and high-end clothing. There are also proposals for digital clothing, tattoos and accessories for VR worlds like Second Life and Stardoll, embossed wine decanters, theme packs for the Xbox and wallpaper and screensavers for cell phones.

Virtual Michael Jackson clothes? Clothes that don't exist endorsed by a man who vanished inside himself? And people will pay for this?

It's one detail, though, that shows that exactly how much thought and care has been put into this. That embossed wine decanter.

A Michael Jackson embossed wine decanter.

Presumably it looks like a coke can and the embossing reads Jesus Juice, does it?