Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gordon in the morning: Keeping the skies safe

This morning the chairman of British Airways fires a long-overdue broadside at airline security, calling most of the screening "completely redundant".

Not entirely redundant, as it turns out, though: it's been keeping Jedward in line:

HUMILIATED Jedward have made a formal complaint after allegedly being bullied regularly by airport security staff - who even tried to get one twin to drop his trousers.

John and Edward Grimes, 19, say the Heathrow workers victimised and mocked them each time they passed through.
Anything which puts Jedward off flying has to be a good thing, surely?

Seriously, though, if Jedward (even Jedward) are being victimised by airline security, that's a bit of further proof that the screening isn't really doing what it's supposed to. Because if that really was the frontline of safety against terrorists, they wouldn't be playing pranks on the tiresome.