Sunday, November 07, 2010

Bookmarks - Internet stuff: Psych... oh killers

I'm enjoying the rather splendid Out On Blue Six feature, They Could Have Been A Bit Like The Beatles, which explores the official Second Summer Of Love (TM) of 1989 through the curious attempts to try and psych-up mainstream acts. God knows how many of these relics they'll work through, but already up is Danny Wilson's Second Summer Of Love:

A bit like when people like Herman’s Hermits sang about flowers and love for one or two singles before they got spooked by that bloke from Procol Harum dressed as a druid on Top Of The Pops and went ‘normal’ again.
...and New Kids On The Block's Tonight:
It probably won’t surprise anyone to learn that there’s a distinct lack of political posturing in the lyrics, which seem to be more concerned with reiterating just how famous New Kids On The Block are and how many people come to see their live shows.
There is, as you'd expect from Blue Six, a proper scoring system which means we can expect RESULTS.