Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy birthday, Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston turns 50 in a couple of days. Forgot to send a card? Brooklyn Vegan reports there's something you can still do:

Call (936) 463-4688 now to hear a message from Daniel and to record your greeting. People are encouraged to "tell a story, sing Daniel a song, cover one of his songs, or anything else that lets Daniel, and his fans, know how much he means to you and to the world of music. Throw on a party hat if you got one, and leave any message you want. Any length you want. Anything goes."

Daniel will get all the messages, and most of them will air along with special musician guest messages, on a 50th birthday show happening on the new Daniel Johnston Radio ( on January 22nd at 8pm CT. The live birthday show will also include Daniel's music and stories from the man himself.
Our idea was to send him half a telegram from the queen, but this is better.