Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Having destroyed Spin, the internet steps in to save it

Spin Magazine, the American one that isn't Rolling Stone, has been sold to Buzzmedia, webhome of Stereogum and Hype Machine amongst other things.

Buzzmedia is getting the lot - the print title, the archive and the iPad edition (does an iPad edition really count as a thing in its own right?) - but isn't entirely clear that it this going to be an entry into print media:

“We believe print is important for Spin,” [Buzzmedia Chief Executive Tyler] Goldman said. “As we continue to invest in the platform, we’re going to look at defining what that role is.”
This could mean anything from 'further investment in a magazine which has just shaved 100,000 off its guaranteed circulation' to 'allowing the team to still have a printer in the office'. The smart money would be on it being closer to the latter than the former.