Tuesday, May 08, 2001

WHO'S GOT THE MILLION QUID TACKLE?: In a rare burst of equal ops, Music365 has followed up it's "How much would you pay to put Mylene Popstar's tits in your magazine" survey by getting the editor of Euroboy to, ahem, size-up bloke popstar's attractiveness to the gay "community" -in cash terms. Thus, we learn that Robbie Williams is apparently worth five million quid, and Noel and Danny Hear'Say together may get a million, but he fully expects Noel to have fallen back on a career of porn anyway in a few years. Tom Jones is too "specialist", Lenny Kravitz is a "straight women's fantasy" - not any of the straight women we know, mate; and Liam plus Noel would cost the same as Liam on its own.
The prices in full - So, Ronan: Not butch enough; Stephen Gateley, however, is?

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