Wednesday, May 02, 2001

"YOU CAN SEE ALL THAT FOR A SHILLING": Steven Sheilds, editor of so-classy-it's-wipe-clean stroke mag Mayfair, has been asked by Music 365 to price up, erm, pop totty according to what he'd be happy to shell out to get 'em on the top shelf. So we learn that the girls from Hear'Say are worth half a million if they'd touch each other up, but a few quid on their own; Madonna has flashed herself out of the market and if Kylie wants to unlock her five million value, "we'd have to see a bit of minge." Poor sales of the recent album shouldn't upset the Spice Girls - if they can persuade Gerri to be hogtied and slapped on the arse until it's as red as her shiny pink face (and, lets face it, someone persuaded her to do the equally undignified Its Raining Men cover), they can bank two million.
"I'd like some hot tonguing action" - yeah, wouldn't we all...
Usual modelling rates - so, thats where the term "continental breakfast" comes from...

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