Wednesday, March 13, 2002

BRIT STRIPPED:Possibly the best thing you'll read about Ms Spears' virginity has turned up in the ever-reliable Nerve magazine, picking up nicely how Brit's decision to try and keep the same demographic (instead of growing old with the audience, a la Madonna) has made her a prisoner a hymen nobody can any longer believe in:
"I remember hearing my seven-year old niece absently singing "Hit Me Baby One More Time" from the backseat of the car. She had no idea what the song meant. The charm of that video was that neither did Britney. The setup was soft-core porn, and it was utterly riveting, because it married a blank, baby face with a bursting woman's body. The mind seemed not to know what the body was doing to its audience (that's the essence of kiddie porn: "I'm being turned on by this underage girl, but it's okay because, look at her, she has no idea") which is why it made parents so uncomfortable, until it was widely reported that Britney was a virgin, a Christian, and a good girl. Don't worry, parents, if your girls love this music, dress like her, want to sing and dance like her, they're in safe hands. Britney's not a perv. She has no sexual longings of her own, and if you think filthy things about her, then you're the one with the problem."
full article in Nerve - Boy, if they had brought soliciting charges against that bloke who offered her cash...

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