Tuesday, March 12, 2002

RAPE ME: If you've been as confused as I have by all the various to-ing and fro-ing in the Nirvana court battles, there's a pretty good Chicago Sun-Times piece that updates and sketches out the whole struggle to date. It includes the time that - apparently not at Courtney's insistence - Kurt forced the other two to retrospectively change writing royalties from an even split to 75% for him, 12.5% each for them amongst other things, but also raises the more philosophical question: what IS a band? Should the Kurt musical doodles be released under his name, or the Nirvana banner? While the speculation makes you somewhat queasy - Grunge act turning to International Brand in your mouth - it's still fascinating. Plus, Courtney has got email from Christina Aguilera:
""I got an e-mail from Christina Aguilera. Know what she wrote? 'Na na, wass up?' You know what I wrote back? 'I'm in bed watching an Eleanor of Aquitaine documentary. [Imitates a school teacher:] Do you know who Eleanor of Aquitaine was?' I am not gonna sit there and go, 'Wass up?' That [freaking] Disney tutor should be shot! And Christina doesn't understand why I don't want to sing back-up on her record!"
The piece in full - Frances Bean won't be spoiled, she'll have to work a full *three* months a year. But what will Dunkin Donuts do the other nine?
NP on Six: Lloyd Cole live

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