Tuesday, March 05, 2002

NO SURPRISES: If I thought the Brits were too moribund to even bother mentioning, then I spose I should feel lucky that I'm not Irish. Their music awards yesterday saw everything bar newcomer and female going to either U2 or Westlife. Perhaps the saddest, most shameful prize was that the best Irish pop single of 2001 was, apparently, that cover of Uptown Girl Westlife knocked out for charidee. I'm sorry, but had I been totalling up the votes, and found that on the top, that people had decided the country had produced nothing finer than a one-shot take-off of a Billy Joel song that was irritating when it was first written, I'd have paid off the caterers, written off the deposit on the hall, and cancelled the event.
U2? Again? [BBC] - curse you, Mumba, you have foiled our duopoly...

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