Monday, March 11, 2002

SIX STARTS: Anyone else listening to six music? I dunno if it's perhaps a sad reflection on the state of radio in the UK that a breakfast show which plays Ben Folds Five and Elvis Costello sounds so radical, but it's a start...
Not too sure about Jupitus yet - I think he might thrive a bit more when the listeners turn up and he's got stuff to bounce off. And, of course, it's still the first show, so anything could happen.
NP: What do i get - the buzzcocks (specially recorded version)
The first track was Ash, who won that poll. Jupitus suggested that Ash fans might be better placed to rig a computer based poll. Hmmm. He then played Sex and drugs and rock and roll anyway...
It's mainly online - and 911 on Sky Digital
NP: Offshore Banking Business...

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