Friday, March 22, 2002

STOP YOUR GOBBING: Someone from the Mean Fiddler uberorganisation keeps popping up on six, bemoaning that the So Solids have been dropped from the Homelands bill. Um... but it's you who've dropped them, isn't it? Typical of the Fiddler to try and have it both ways, simultaneously caving in to ver Plod's demands that the Crew don't play, while complaining about it. Choose a line and go with it, don't keep floating about wailing "it's not fair." If you really believe that putting SSC on is the right thing to do, then put them on. If you think it isn't, then don't, and shut the fuck up. If the police then want to take more formal steps to stop the band from being on the bill, then that would be up to them - and it would provide us with a pretty interesting test case, too: how can police happily take money off football clubs for the role they play ensuring no nasties get smuggled into grounds if they're now saying they can't keep guns and violence out of Homelands? Or can they only guarantee no violence at events where no violence is expected?
Oh, and Mean Fiddler blokey - so you "got to see the Sex Pistols", did you? Presumably at a venue that didn't buckle under police pressure.
I think some of SSC are thuggish, and others are coat-tailing on this bad boy image; but I don't think that alone is any reason for people who want to put them on should be forced not to. Clear?

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