Monday, April 22, 2002

AND THEN THEY'LL BE GOING AFTER ALICE IN CHAINS: Who knew? We'd heard that Aaliyah had been killed by many things - insistence on carrying shoes, a pilot whacked off his head on crack, the studio implementing the "doomsday PR option" clause in her contract for Queen of the Damned. But it turns out, it's the Federal Fraud Machine. Yes, yes, it is... they got too near the truth with the Matrix, and so they're going round rubbing out the cast to stop the sequels, which end with solid evidence that even David Icke is a shape-shifting reptile.
Only the IMDB knows the truth - Keanu survives only because the Federal Fraud Machine have plans for Bill & Ted - The Male Menopause Hits

Kudos to Need To Know

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