Monday, April 22, 2002

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN'S AWARD: I'm sure the thousands recently slewed off by EMI following its cock-up in over-paying for Mariah Carey will be delighted to hear that the company that last month told them "we can't afford you (although we have cash for Robbie Williams)" has, this month been given a Queen's Award for Exports. Amusingly, EMI boss Eric Nicholi has taken the opportunity to suggest that the music industry should "stop talking itself down." Well, while we agree with that - don't you get sick of all those objectives crying into their fruity cocktails at Cannes about how all the kids are stealing money they could better be spending on holiday villas and hookers - maybe a start would be for labels to stop laying off all their staff? It's hard to believe in an industry which is shedding bands like Brian Molko sheds hair...

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