Thursday, April 18, 2002

CREAMED OFF: As Ministry of Sound tries desperately to avoid become the Department for Pensions - its label is trying to simultaneously spread its wings and keep its core happy by calling its bog-standard Classic FM style album "Classical Chillout" - Cream in Liverpool seems to be starting to curdle after seven years of market leadership. Early signs of panic setting in at Wolstenhulme Square came when the advertising for its core clubnight turned from being the slightly smug, aspirational "It's part of you" glossy close-up of an impossibly sexy clubber grinning to a bargain basement, pub disco listing of who's up to be playing. Now, not only is it offering space to one of its rivals - the Main Event taking rooms there for a special - but the Liverpool Echo is suggesting that it's huddling together with another former rival, the Liverpool Lomax, and a hotch potch of second string educational institutions to put on some sort of something. When the dance lords need the help of guitar venues, it's starting to look like a bubble bursting.

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