Monday, April 08, 2002

LUXURIOGLASTO: Missing the point entirely, some bloke has bought a field next to the Glasto site where he will offer - for £650 a day - a nice play to stay during the festival. This may be good news for the likes of Ian MacCulloch, who famously complained about how bad the mud was for his white trousers (and whatever happened to the libel action relating to that?), but you have to hope that the man making this offer has got his security sorted. Because now Eavis has gone behind a ring of steel, where will those turned away be likely to turn their attention to next?
It doesn't really make sense, anyway - sure, you might have a comfier bed, and, yes, it is the next farm along from Worthy, but anyone who's had to trudge from the Green Field to the Pyramid Stage a few times a day will know this is hardly nearby in any sense - it's not going to be practical to nip off during Rod Stewart's set to have a quick wizz in the sparkling toilets next door, unless you've set aside a half hour. And if it rains, you're still going to be wading neck deep in mud to get to see the bands, aren't you?
BBC reports - you could probably have Rod Stewart come to your house for that sort of cash...

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