Monday, April 22, 2002

PULP FICTION: What are we to make of the news that Eminem spent 100,000 quid having the entire print run of The Face mashed and reprinted because they'd re-tinted his shirt pink to avoid "clashing" with the masthead? Here are our thoughts - print 'em out on paper, cut them up, bake them inside small sweet biscuits and - voila - you have Chinese Fortune Cookies with added Eminem:

A man who is keen not to appear wearing pink must have some identity problems

A magazine which changes the colour of a persons shirt opens all its verity to question

The print run of the Face is incredibly tiny, isn't it?

A fashion magazine might have chosen to change the face on its cover to something a bit more fashionable than the year before last year's thing

It would be kindly of Jason Donovan to claim the rest of the cash and put them out of their misery

Maybe they can claim this has doubled their sales for the May edition

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