Monday, May 20, 2002

COMMERCIAL BREAK: We could, of course, froth up mock outrage at the very concept of Fred "Real" Durst allowing Limp Bizkit to be used in commercials at all, but let's face it - he's clearly always been more The Man's man than on our side - did we hear it correctly that his brand of outraged outsiderism has netted him a fortune of $170million already? - but what's amusing is the brands he's chosen to hook his wagon up to. At the moment, 'My Way or the Highway' is currently being used to flog Worthington. Bitter. The old man's drink. The drink of beer bellies and whippets. Clearly, the new owners of the brand are hoping that by slapping Durst under still traditonal images of blokes drinking will bring a new generation skateboarding into the brand. In the event, it makes the bitter look like an old bloke wearing a baseball cap (hey, maybe there is sense in using Durst) and removes any last traces of credibility Durst might have had. An ice lager, a mix of schnapps and fruit juice; fuck, even Budweiser, and there'd be some connection. But Worthington Bitter? Freddie, boy, don't you care how you look?
Coming next: Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil unveils Korn-themed cinema spots.

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