Wednesday, May 15, 2002

THE DAVE TODAY: It's terribly easy to take the piss out of Dave Stewart - the time he accepted an award at some pre-history version of the Brits and started talking about pissing himself, the beard, the whole career based around being the guy pushing coal into the massive engines which drove Annie Lennox's ego that was the Eurythmics. But having said that, he was mainly responsible for Shakespeare's Sister and Alisha's Attic getting to put records out - so, clearly, had a thing for slightly damaged pop in pretty packaging, with two females and alliterative names. And now the old boy is talking seriously about resurrecting the Marquee and creating a creative co-op.
The advert for a booker at the Marquee suggests they'll be given a pretty free hand in the policy [cvs to Gary Smith, 69 Dean Street, London], which is encouraging, but whether there's any point in reviving a brand that had previously had all its value squished out of it anyway is questionable. How many 18 year olds would choose to go see a band simply because the place had a name that meant something back before they were born? Wouldn't establishing a new venue be, well, more fun and less necro?
Meanwhile, The Artist Network seems like a pretty good wheeze. Ten million - some admittedly raised from bunnybotherer Anita Roddick and Microsoft - pumped into a label and general creative concern designed to stop talented people being scewed over by the record companies. They've already signed up Jimmy Cliff and are apparently talking to eight others. Of course, it might all turn into some bitter, backbiting ego box; or worse, be a bit like Dreamworks; and hearing Stewart predict the company will rapidly expand to be worth hundreds of millions gives you a queasy feeling like you're watching David Icke announce it's only a matter of time before Bush reveals his innate Lizardness, but we wish Stewart luck. Nice to see someone doing something positive for once.
Man with beard opens label [FT] - if you're in a slightly lesbo-looking outfit called Dunkin' Donuts, your future might be looking better...

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