Thursday, May 23, 2002

THE END OF THE SPORTS STRANGLEHOLD?: It's always been a pisser to me the way that sport has been treated like the holy grail of broadcasting - ooh, get some golf rights and you'll double your audience. But it seems that that golden age for sweaty men is drawing to a close - the FA Cup barely registered on the ratings meters; the whole ITV Digital debacle happened; nobody much seems to want Scottish League football on their channels; nobody is buying novelty football records this year. Even that Beckham party was virtually footballer free. And now comes the news that the decision of Teamtalk to buy Atlantic252 and turn it into a non-stop sports yammering station has stiffed - after two months, the disappearing audience has forced them to put the station up for sale. Wouldn't it be excellent if it was bought and turned back into a music service?
Thought that 24 hour sport was the way to go [MediaGuardian] - yes, for that large 3 am audience for an update on the England team - "they're sleeping, Chris"

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