Thursday, May 16, 2002

TALKING ABOUT WRITING ABOUT DANCING: Just heard that as part of a very impressive Writing on the wall lit fest this year, there's going to be the following:
Disco (noun, pl.) an occasion at which typically young people dance to amplified pop records, usually compered by a disc jockey and featuring special lighting effects.
-graphy (n.combined form) indicating a form or process of writing, representing etc.
An evening discussion panel dedicated to 'writing about dance music' with a group of top pop writers who also happen to be great DJs.
With:- Irvine Welsh. Author of "Trainspotting", "The Acid House", "Ecstasy", "Marabou Stork Nightmares", "Filth", "Glue" and a range of short stories and newspaper articles. Ibiza DJ at Manumission and occasional recording artist.
Dave Haslam. Nationally known DJ since his days at The Hacienda in Manchester. Journalist and author of the "Manchester, England: The Story of the Pop Cult City" and "Adventures on the Wheels of Steel: The Rise of the Superstar DJs" .
Hillegonda Rietveld. Lecturer at South Bank University and author of "This Is Our House: House music, cultural spaces and technnologies". Founding member of Quando Quango (Factory Records) and performer at both The Hacienda, Manchester and the Paradise Garage, New York.
John McCready. Long-time music journalist ("The Face", "The NME", "The Independent", "The Guardian") and well-respected North-West DJ. Currently working on the New Order website and completing research for the TV production company "Planet Wild". Also working on a book on situationism and pop music.
Bill Brewster and Frank Broughton. Journalists on "Mixmag", "The Face", "Time Out", "The Big Issue", "The Guardian", "Rolling Stone", and "NME". Authors of the definitive guide to the art of DJing "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey".
The Conference Room, The Flying Picket, Merseyside Trade Union, Community and Unemployed Resource Centre, Hardman Street, Liverpool.
8pm, Friday 21 June 2002 £5/£4 (concessions) For tickets, ring the box office on 0151 709 4988
Sounds pretty good - we've seen Dave Haslam before, and he's entertaining, and the specific dance music angle should be interesting - it's usually seemed to us that the main approach to writing about dance music in the UK has been supplying captions for pictures of barely legal girls with their tits out, or men covered in dayglo paint. On the whole. And interviews with Moby. Pity about Irvine Welsh, mind, a man who, surely, everyone must have rumbled that he was a half-trick pony by now?
Of course, stuff like the excellent Writing on the Wall isn't really being used as part of Liverpool's moronic 2008 Capital of Culture bid. Kids fillijng sweet jars are instead.

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