Friday, May 10, 2002

UP THE JUNCTION: Good news to hear that the well-regarded Late Junction off Radio 3 ("the Wire magazine of the air", if you want) is working to ensure that the supply of quirky stuff it deals in never dries up by launching its own label. Over to (as in "pinched this from the show's website") Tessa Watt: The first four releases will be as follows: 1.There’s a major new album by U.S. composer John Adams, recorded live at the Barbican during the critically acclaimed concert series earlier this year. 2. Max Richter’s brilliant debut album, 'memoryhouse', takes an imagined journey through the last century, using a fascinating mix of found sounds, beats and soundscapes. 3.The David Rees-Williams Trio release their eagerly awaited debut album Hidden Colours-- jazz arrangements of early classical music pieces such as the sublime When I’m Laid In Earth. 4.Diversions #1: Verity Sharp has compiled her Late Junction favourites, reflecting the eclectic nature of the radio programme. Included are artists such as Plastikman, Goldfrapp and Mercury Rev alongside the sounds of frogs in the Amazon Rainforest. This is actually a refreshing use of BBC resources - presumably being financed by Worldwide rather than the licence fee - and a bit of a step up from Bob the Builder type stuff the corporation is usually behind...

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