Wednesday, May 15, 2002

WE NAME THE SPAM BANDS. PERIODICALLY: This one, though, is a bit special - Logan D. You won't have heard of him, of course (unless you got his sticky, crappy spam) but the guy who is masquerading as his fan is proud to announce that he was in "the final 25" of the people chosen for Making The Band - the US series which gifted the world O-Town. Even if you saw the series, however, and are the sort of person who remembers the names of contestants on 100% from a couple of years back, Logan D still won't mean anything to you, as he used to be called David Brooks. So, someone who didn't win a talent show masquerading under the belief that Logan is cooler name than David. Oh, and his management team seem to think that "the name Logan D is protected by International copyright law" - bad news for anyone called Derek Logan who appears in a phonebook, then. If you see him playing at a mall this summer, avoid but remember - don't be rude; he'll be back in the same mall next year making sure the soap dispensers are full.

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