Tuesday, June 25, 2002

I WANT MY PPV MTV: Former Whistle Test honcho Trevor Dann is poised, poised like a leopard, to unleash a pay per view music video network on Sky Digital. At first, the thought of dipping into your pocket and handing over three quid seems like an outrage - what, we're going to pay to see your commercials? - but the mooted price seems quite fair when what you get (unlimited access to the video for a week; plus the now-essential 'extras') is compared with the EMAP station's deal - whereby you spend a quid a time dialling in a request to Box, Q or Kerrang, say, and might get to see your video, if you're lucky.
Possible fear of retaliation from EMAP and MTV may hamper the new service's attempts to get videos exclusively in advance, and it should be remembered that Dann once before promised to change the face of television and music with his Landscape Channel, which offered wall-to-wall flying geese and new age music. Channel Four sometimes ran it in place of a test card. It no longer exists.

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