Friday, July 26, 2002

ICE T: BETTER WITH SPICE: Rock is coming back into vogue, you can't deny it - and not like 2000's flirtation with rock-as-image, all Iron Maiden tshirts and commissioning series about Ozzy. Now, apparently Ice T is about to embark on a rock project, under the splendid name of Perverted Sex Cult. Ice is promising that it'll be "scary stripper music" - by which we hope he means the music will be scary, and the sort of music you'd hear in a strip bar, rather than merely sounding like the noise a scary-looking stripper would make as they fiddled with zippers and buckles. Although actually, that sounds good, too, now we come to think of it.
Comes in 2003 [ reports] - then he'll start work on his Hinge & Brackett tribute album

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