Friday, July 05, 2002

POP TV: So, Channel 5 is bringing its Pepsi Chart Show into port, retiring the programme which showed us what Dr Fox actually looked like with a highlights package or two, and the channel is set to reveal its "replacement" - does the concept of a show called 'Pop' sound like a horribly cobbled-together concept? Malcom Gerrie, the man who once gave the universe the Tube, describes the show as an attempt to create a show that doesn't stick to the agenda of "what's getting radio play or selling records." Which makes you ask: so, what agenda will be set, then? And what's so new about a show that doesn't stick to the charts anyway? Even It's Lulu would poke about in the music undergrowth. This smacks a little of 'The big stars don't want to bother doing the poor relation of Top of the Pops, so we've come up with a format that allows us to stuff the show with any old-new rubbish." Still, we'll get a chance to see when one of 21 kicks off in August.
Channel 5 Goes Pop [MediaGuardian] - still, by not worrying about what sells, at least they can continue to carry Posh

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