Friday, July 05, 2002

POWER OF THE BITCH: The Makers of PopBitch must be grinning this morning, as the power of the gossboard, and more importantly, its mailout, to set the music agenda got a double demonstration yesterday. First, Kylie 'fesses up to Marie Claire about her cellulite and how she looks so good through the magic of the airbrushers art - a nice piece of media management turning the 'bitch 'Kylie's bum job' story into a PR plus ("she's just like us" squeals a nation, hugging the pop pixie ever closer to their hearts); then EMI takes the sorry step of issuing a press release to try and quash the story in yesterday's mail-out that Geri is heading for popscurity and The Dumper. You'd have to wonder whether EMI stopped to think that issuing a statement about something in Popbitch was the best way of managing the media on this one. Meanwhile, why not enjoy EMI denying they were terminating Mariah Carey's contract again?

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