Tuesday, July 23, 2002

SORIBADA, JONNY: Revolt in Korea over attempts to close down the local version of Napster, soribada, which has just shrugged and promises to continue as usual. the Korean Record Industry reckons that any attempt to start a legal file sharing service has been bankrupted by the illegal free service (yeah, because whoever heard of a dotcom going bust on its own?).
Closer to home, and Universal aren't so cash strapped they can't afford to create a post of Chasing Monkeys Up Trees - they've announced David Benjamin has been made Vice President in charge of anti-piracy. Quite how this will work isn't clear - maybe he'll be given a helicopter which allows him to hover over houses of kids with illegal Cranberries MP3s, shouting forever - but its certainly not unexciting.
FT reports from Korea - quick, before it hides behind its subscriber only protection

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