Friday, July 26, 2002

THE STEPTOES OF ROCK: A couple of years ago, the BBC suddenly noticed that in seventy years of broadcasting, the only things they'd managed to keep on tape were that bit on The Frost Report where John Cleese and the Two Ronnies do a skit about class, some early Eastenders from when Pauline's cardigan was clean, and a copy of the Ipcress File with the ending missing. They ran a campaign to get people to send in stuff they'd taped, and were rewarded with lovingly preserved copies of black and white Steptoes and two thousand separate copies of the first ever Auntie's Bloomers. Of course, had the BBC been the RIAA, at this point they would have filed the tapes away, cleared a slot in the BBC2 schedules to stick the best out as repeats, and then sued the arses of the people who'd sent the tapes in for breaching their copyright in the first place. Anyway, all this is merely a prelude to mentioning that scary, devil-cursing Mogwai band are launching a similar plea for stuff to build their own history - presumably lottery funding for a seveteen story Museum of Modern Mogwai has come through - and they're appealing for anyone with old setlists, photos and posters to send 'em in to them. I'd imagine they'll trade sex of some sort in return.
Mogwai site: send us stuff - but don't all Mogwai concert goers end up dead from strange diseases?

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