Thursday, July 25, 2002

STUPID SPOOFS: Writing for's Digital Beat David Kushner raised a problem with the Music Industry's new ploy of spoofing MP3s. See, what we thought the labels would do would be get some of their staff to hang about and spit in a bucket, cough a bit, hammer and generally make up a track of white noise or other rubbish. But what the labels - who really are so stupid we're considering having Alan Levy sectioned for his own good - have done is to make Red Hot Chilli Peppers tracks that just loop, or Alanis Morisette songs which are badly distorted. "How can you tell the difference?" you might wonder, and, as Kushner points out, that's exactly the problem. While the label might expect the punter sat at his 'puter to go "Oh, what a waste of time this downloading is, it'll be quicker to go and get a legitimate copy of the album from a shop", what they're just as likely to think is "Blimey, Alanis has really lost it - this track is just awful. I shan't bother buying that this weekend."

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