Thursday, July 25, 2002

RETURN TO NEVERLAND: Mariah Carey has entered the messy Jaco versus Sony battle, objecting to having been included in his rant against Tommy Mottola (we've actually struggled to find a quote that mentions Carey, but then she isn't really that newsworthy these days). Of course, Tommy is Mariah's ex, and there isn't any love lost between them (her slut-at-c&A wardrobe is claimed to be a big F-you to to the man who wanted to keep her covered up), so for Mariah to stick up for him is quite something. Anyway, since the Jacko controv has gone warm again, this gives us an excuse to mull some questions. Like: If Mottola is such a stinking racist, we can understand - perhaps - Michael Jackson having to work with him, but why would he have made a rare public foray to go to his wedding just 18-odd months ago? If Jackson really believes racism was at the heart of his treatment, why didn't he mention this back in May, when His People gave an exclusive to the Mirror about the feud with Sony? The usual complaints about no advertising support, and sabotage, but nothing about racially motivated behaviour - indeed, a source described by the Mirror as "a pal" (shorthand for a member of the Jacko industry) said ""Michael wants out of Sony, and he believes that some of the highest people in that company are hoping to make him pay the price for his disloyalty.
The company has have stopped all promotion on the Invincible album, prevented him from releasing singles and basically sabotaged his career.
Jackson is furious at Mottola and any working relationship they had is now over".
They are the two most powerful men in music going head to head in an all out war."
- and if that last quote doesn't prove that it Has To Be a genuine friend, then nothing will convince you. But there you are: mid May, Jackson's saying that he's going to war with Sony, due to Sony behaving spitefully because he wants to leave. July, all of sudden, Jackson is claiming Sony's lack of support is because he is black. Even Al Sharpton and Jackson's own publicist are refusing to support Jacko's claims Mottola is a racist, devillish type. Jesus, he's a record company executive, and even we think that it's ridiculous.
Meanwhile, let's not forget this little outburst: "Once I started breaking sales records, I broke Elvis Presley's record, I broke the Beatles' record - once I started doing that, overnight they called me a freak, a homosexual, a child molester." First up, Michael - no, the music industry didn't call you a child molester - that was the family of the boy who used to go for sleepovers with you that called you that - you might recall paying them a large sum of money to go away. Secondly, if one is pulling on the trousers of Champion of the Minorities, you might want to think twice about bracketing gays with freaks and child molesters. Because actual homophobia stinks, you know?

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