Tuesday, July 23, 2002

TEN: Sean Moore's favourite C86 era tunes:
1 The Bodines - 'Terese'
2 Primal Scream - 'All Fall Down'
3 Big Flame - 'Why Pop Stars Can't Dance'
4 The Loft - 'Up The Hill And Down The Slope'
5 The Wedding Present - 'Once More'
6 McCarthy - 'Red Sleeping Beauty'
7 Pop Will Eat It Itself - 'Poppies Say Grrrr EP'
8 Talulah Gosh - 'Talulah Gosh'
9 My Bloody Valentine - 'Sunny Sundae Smile'
10 Shop Assistants - 'Somewhere In China'
The other two's can be found over at NME.com, which is also reporting details of a Christmas tour of enormo-domes by the Manics.

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