Monday, July 22, 2002

TWO LISTS OF 100 RECORDS: First up, there's that 100 Records you should remove from your collection. Now, we're as happy to join in with a spot of mindless iconoclasm as the next person (that's except for when we're stood next to Jeremy Clarkson, of course), but this list is really just a great title with an ill-thought out list beneath. About a third of these actually hold together with a sense of cohesion - being either stuff that likes to think of itself as beyond reproach, or stuff that wanted to be liked so very, very desperately that it deserves contempt, but really it just seems to be a list of records that the compilers don't really like much. And it kicks the statue over onto its own foot straight away by admitting in its first choice "completists like me may never part with [Combat Rock]."
Better is TV Cream's real top 100 singles of all time, an attempt to make a chart of records which wouldn't end up with Bohemian Rhapsody at number one. Their choice of toppermost of the poppermost - Don't You Want Me? - sounds like a number one that Means Something, justifying the whole exercise. And anything that includes The Korgis and Rupert Giles' brother can't be wrong.

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