Friday, August 09, 2002

AND NEXT, CULTURE CLUB RE-RELEASE THE WAR SONG: Nice to see - as the world rumbles slowly towards war behind George W, obedient and uncomplaing as K9, that finally some musicians are getting their heads together enough to use their platform to try and do something about it. Of course, George Michael got there first (doesn't that say something shaming about the current indiecrop?) but now 3D has stepped up to the Mic, too, in a post to the Massive Attack board. In what the NME headlined as Massive Attack star calls on UK acts to oppose war on Iraq through NME - both syntactically mangled and self-agrandising at the same time - 3D suggests that bands club together and take out an advert in the pop paper stating their opposition - which is an excellent idea; hopefully it'll also provide a hook for the paper to run a piece on Iraq as well - I'm sure Mark Thomas would be happy to write a background bit if they asked him. And while, of course, it's hugely unlikely that some bands' advert in the pop papers would stop Bush, it might energise some nme readers to get involved in anti-war things.
Talking of which:
Znet's Iraq watch
In These Times - you mean we haven't been at war with Iraq?
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We now return to our normal programming, taking the piss out the music industry...

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