Thursday, August 22, 2002

AND SHE WOULDN'T SLEEP WITH HIM, EITHER: Winning the prize this week for sourest grapes, it's Justin Timberlake's gran, who reckons that dating Britney was a "distraction" and that dating the highest profile teenager in the world was, somehow, bad for his career. "Justin's fame should have faded like the light in a pig's eyes when you kill it" she didn't say, but should have; "Dating Britney kept him in the public eye long after his name should have been something only mentioned when girls get drunk after work, and 'first crush' comes up on Spin the Bottle. And then it should have been whispered and said with a sense of shame. His time with Britney stopped him getting a start on his lifelong career, of packing bags at K-Mart." Instead, she said that he's written loads of songs since he broke up with her. Which makes us quake.

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