Thursday, August 22, 2002

THE BAMBOO REVIEW: BETH ORTON: Becky goes to see Beth, because we probably couldn't have coped:
this was my second time to try and see beth orton. despite having a houseguest and a headache, I actually managed to make it this time.
every usher I encountered on the way to my seat commented that it is a great one. and indeed it was. center, right behind the soundboard. I could see, the sound was perfect, and best of all.. I could sit down. as I settled in, I noticed the house music and started laughing because it was - get this, si - STING. hah!
I missed the first band (I had to finish watching jet li kick some butt), but I'm glad I made it for the second, which was hem. I was reminded of kelly hogan and concrete sky-ish beth orton. acoustic guitars, some mandolin, and lots of harmonies. they had some beautiful songs and I'm definitely buying their cd.
and then beth came out in knee high black spike heeled boots and a short pink a-line dress. ooh! there was an upright bass. I find those deeply sexy. she also had a violin and a cello onstage, which was very cool. the high points started early with 'paris train'. she played a fast version of 'someone's daughter' that didn't really work for me. she told us dirty jokes (one about a chemist and a teddy bear and one I'd actually heard before about the chicken and the egg - complete with hip thrusts for illustration) and talked about the people line dancing during her recent show in reno. I think the encore was my favorite part of the show. beth came out and did 2 songs by herself before being joined by the band for 'concrete sky' and 'this one's gonna bruise', two of my favorite songs off 'daybreaker'. she didn't do 'I wish I never saw the sunshine', my favorite song of hers, but that's okay because the rest of it was gorgeous enough to make up for it.

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