Thursday, August 22, 2002

... TRAIL OF DEAD AT CARPETS: Looking forward to a point in time when Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are on Leno (this won't be as weird as you think, actually, since Belle & Sebby have already been on, and - apart from the phrase "it's NorthWest Tonight... with Jack White, and Julian Casablancas..." - TV has nothing odder to offer), KindaMuzik's Geoff Seaman offers odds on which vaguely underground act will be the first to 'blow up' (nb: this is American speak for selling lots and having fanmail consisting entirely of sweat drenched panties and poisoned coke; it doesn't mean to be confused with a strange package.) Anyway, he's giving 5-1 on Idlewild and 3-1 on Trail of Dead. The kinda depressing thing is no English bands make it to his paddock.

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