Thursday, August 22, 2002

CALL AND RESPONSE: Writing in the Washington Post, David Segal trots out the standard RIAA line about how all them blank CD-Rs show the whole of the United States is a lawless land crammed full of jewelcases containing stolen booty - complete with a graph designed to look even more scary - see how the sale of CD-Rs have risen so steeply! Eeek! (ignore the fact its from a very small base, and there's no graph showing sales of all recordable media - CD-Rs, cassettes, floppies, zips - which would show a rather different picture); Guttentag on slashdot was first past the post with the rebuttal.
What we did like from the Post piece was the opening paragraph: "The first time Travis Daub got "spoofed," he figured faulty software was to blame. Hoping to sample the new album by Moby, he downloaded one of its songs, "We Are All Made of Stars," from the Web site But what wound up on his hard drive wasn't what he expected.
"It was just 20 seconds of the song, repeated over and over," says Daub, a 26-year-old design director who lives in Arlington. "At first I thought it was a glitch. Then I realized someone had posted this on purpose."
- a repetitive Moby track? However did he notice anything was wrong?

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