Wednesday, August 21, 2002

EVERYTHING'S GOING GREEN?: In a year where festivals have been collapsing all over the place - Manchester Pride looks set to go the way of London Pride at the moment, for example - reports that Glasgow's Gig on the Green have asked to reduce their capacity from 35,000 to 25,000 have, naturally, led to eyebrow raising and suggestions that the whole thing must be looking dodgy. Organisers are still talking up the event, saying that the reduction is in order to loosen up the restrictions that would be needed if more people came - which, while true, would still have been true at the start of planning the event, wouldn't it? What appears to have happened is ticket sales have been lower than expected, and only by easing the straitjacket imposed for a now not coming crowd of 35,000 can the event hope to make a profit. While disappointing, it seems far from disastorous.

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