Friday, August 16, 2002

Goodiebags emptied

Mark Goodier is quitting Radio One. Yeah, he only does the chart slot but even so. What's probably a bit of a surprise is that he's currently the third longest-serving dj at the station - only Peel and Nightingale have racked up longer; he's been there for fifteen years. Nowadays, of course, probably because they give people like Sarah HB and Theako shows, the rate of turnover at the station is higher, but for those of us who were brought up with DLT and Simon Bates, when the lunchtime show almost seemed to be a job for life, it's all a bit disconcerting.

Apparently, the BBC are planning to use his departure at Christmas as an opportunity to make the Top 40 "new look", which is disturbing. How can you make a run down of records in increasing order of sales different, unless you make it something other than a chart show? No new names in the frame yet, but we're just hoping it's not bloody Moyles.

At least he was never Bruno Brookes [BBC] - we say: Jeremy Vine for the Top 40 presenters slot

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