Tuesday, August 06, 2002

MOBY MOPING MUSES: Now,let's consider Moby's plea, made in his tour diary that "those of you who work at mtv/viva/vh-1/much music/etc could start by working towards limiting the amount of airtime thats given to stuff that YOU find crappy or distasteful. radio, too. here's a novel idea for the people who program radio stations and video networks:
why not occassionally play something that you LIKE and that doesn't make you feel dirty?
in the future we're all going to regret this period in music where our tastes were determinedby 11 year old girls and wrestling fans."
It suggests that Moby hasn't seen a great deal of VH-1 recently (is all that Shania Twain aimed at the 11 year olds or the wrestling fans?), and also smacks ever so slightly of hypocrisy - for, strangely, Moby doesn't target any of the EMAP TV channels for his tirade, and over on the news pages we find a plea for fans to dial up QTV and request his tune "again and again."
We have to ask, by the way, what's wrong with MTV programming itself for the kids? It's what the channel is for, and complaining about that is like whining about all the football on Sky Sports. Worse, pillorying the chart stations for the music they play ignores that the real problem is in the charts themselves. Maybe if Moby sold a few more records, he might pop up on the European Top 20, too?

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