Tuesday, August 06, 2002

this is how shows for old people should go. doors at 3. free barbecue and plenty of potato salad. the bands start at 5:30 and you can finish up and be home in time to watch sex and the city. mmm.. bottom of the hill sunday shows RULE.
first band up was the moore brothers, whom I will proceed to damn with faint praise: they were pleasantly forgettable. they were 2 guys (presumably brothers) with one acoustic guitar who had a good blend of blandly nice voices. they had the obligatory superfan - you know, that guy who sings along with all the songs, who shouts out requests, and who listens avidly to any new songs. I have this theory that every single band, no matter how crap, has a superfan. let's test it, shall we?
there's one for candlebox. holy crap! there's a "ring 0' boxheads." boxheads? lord. you try. go ahead, prove me wrong...
next up were the court and spark. this was my third time seeing them and they were excellent as always. they have such a cool flying burrito brothers vibe to them.
and then came m. ward, who played a really short set - only about an hour. he has so many other great songs he could've thrown in there, but what we got was cool it was a big crowd, a lot bigger than I expected. I take this as a good sign that the word on him is getting out. the crowd was totally into it. it was almost like being at a rufus wainwright show. at times there was no noise other than the guitar and the cash register at the bar. hell, I could hear the front door squeak as it opened. I felt.. proud. like in some silly way I had somehow done something. delusions of grandeur, I know.

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