Friday, August 16, 2002

MORE TOPLOAD: Ananova are really milking their chat with Dan Hipgrave. Either that or he's been ringing them up a lot while Gail's been doing her breathing exercises. Today's installment explains why Toploader didn't do any festival gigs - because, apparently, they don't agree with playing new songs at festivals and so they would have had to have played stuff off Onka's Big Moka. Uh? But... you mean you'd have had to play stuff that people actually wanted to hear? Why would that be a... bad thing? Hipgrave actually says "You're playing to the audience at festivals" as if at other gigs, you're playing to the floor. Then he thinks out "I know Coldplay got away with it at Glastonbury, but we're very different bands." So, today he's acknowledging that Coldplay are a different proposition to Toploader, whereas yesterday, of course, he was whining that Coldplay get different treatment from the NME to the Eastbourne crew.
And if - as he claims - they don't approve of playing new songs to large, varied audiences, why did they refuse to play Dancing in the Moonlight at the Commonwealth Games, substituting the dreary new single for the one they'd been hired to knock out?
Finally from Dan for now: "We decided to do a big tour of smaller venues rather than a small tour of bigger venues". That makes sense, Dan - better to play to a wide range of nearly full small places than half empty large ones, isn't it?
And, for the record: Actually, Mrs Hipgrave? We would. [NSFW] Mr Hipgrave? How could you?

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