Friday, August 02, 2002

PRESSPLAY IMPROVES SLIGHTLY: The not-that-impressive Pressplay is introducing a (more expensive, natch) service which will allow people who subscribe to the Sony/Universal service to actually keep music they've paid for. You have to tip your hat to the geniuses at Pressplay who've taken half a year to work out the difference between running a radio station and selling music downloads. But the new service is still shit - every one, five or ten times you download something, you have to cough up extra cash. It ends up looking fiddly, unflowing and greedy. Hey, music executives - here's a hint for you: MAKE IT CHEAP, MAKE IT SIMPLE. Then, you might just have a system that works.
Pressplay sort-of admits problems [BBC] - you mean people might want to hear Sony tracks more than once?

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