Wednesday, August 21, 2002

SIMON PICKS UP LONG SPOON: Following McCartney's vague decision to not turn up to receive a Kennedy Center award this year, Paul Simon has stepped into the breach. Macca's reasons for not attending haven't been made public, but we can't help wondering if turning up and sharing a stage with George and Laura Bush, at an event being hosted by Colin Powell, at a time when they're just itching to launch missiles against Iraq, may have seemed a little much for the Beatle man to swallow.
The Kennedy Center people are claiming that Paul Simon was in line for the honor anyway, and that he wasn't just the first person who hadn't already got something to do that night who answered the phone. Of course, it's lucky Condaleeza Rice isn't hosting; that whole 'how much did the White House know' press conference showed she isn't very good at lying with a straight face.
Bridge over troubled waters to be praised by trouble waters [Rolling Stone] - Next year, it'll have to be Art's turn now...

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