Saturday, August 31, 2002

VMA: Becky Bamboo watches the MTV Video Music Awards, so you don't have to:
what a snoozefest that was. it started out promising with jimmy fallon acting out some of the nominated videos (including a line in the eminem parody about this being the only chance to see music on mtv, which made me laugh) but his voice started giving out, so it wasn't as good as it could've been.
then it all just went flat.
michael jackson? reminding me more and more of helena bonham carter in planet of the apes.
pink had these temporary tatoos all the way up the left side of her body. while I wasn't digging her kimono sleeves, I did like the tatoos. she has black hair now. I'm still undecided on whether or not I like it like that.
eminem seems to hate moby. I don't quite understand why, but he nearly took out a puppet who was asking him about it.
the hives were cool. the vines, not so much. now, I bought their cd, suckered in by the low price and the hype, I suppose. and I've tried to listen to it. I've put in on in the car twice and both times have ended up bored out of my skull. musically, there are moments
where they are obviously impersonating nirvana (especially a few vocals), but without the hooks and the lyrical depth of kurt. so, basically, a silverchair impersonation, then. I remain unconvinced.
jimmy fallon didn't do all that well after the opening. he didn't have much to do and the jokes didn't work. the stuff parodying american idol was funny, but just because he told the worst jokes and nobody was laughing. just like the show! (which I'm still a loyal viewer of, btw.)
I can't really tell you who won, cos I wasn't paying that much attention. but meg white, honey. it's called a strapless bra. you need to buy one.
guns n' roses played a medley at the end. it was not good. not by any means. axl looked like shit and sounded even worse. bad, bad face lift on that boy. he briefly tried the snake dance but thankfully gave it up after a couple of seconds. he was wheezing and trying to run all over. I'm sad that he's making the band a parody of itself. their music deserves better than kitch status. I wish he'd given it up and moved on. then we all would've been spared that pathetic excuse for a performance.

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