Wednesday, August 21, 2002

WE KNOW WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT: And, we know from our search engine returns that, betting without sickfucks who are after S Club Junior porn, and people looking for details of Jeremy Vine, the most popular search term right now is 'the moonies'. Well, the have a band site and a label site and a fan site, which should be more than enough to keep you going for now, shouldn't it?
We'll observe in passing though that BBC Northwest Tonight popped in to the city to do one of those occasional 'Beatles A Thing of the Past/New Merseybeat' pieces they do when they run out of Manchester to ooze over, and it was so wonderful to see Tony at the Zanzibar being invited to talk about the local music scene rather than representatives of the usual Venue Duopoly. We've been watching the work Tony's done to support a wide range of musical genres over the past few years; including his attempts to try and spark life into moribund official festivals, and it's great to see his dedication starting to pay off at a higher level.

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